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Reactor 2 App Retrofit Kit

Price: $246.00

Part number: 25D878


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25D612- Reactor 2 Retrofit Kit - Electric/Hydraulic Systems
Reactor 2 Retrofit Kit - Integrated Systems
External Use Antenna


For use of the Reactor 2 App, systems manufactured prior to January 2018 a retrofit kit is required.

Take Control of Your Business
The Reactor 2 app lets you make real time adjustments from
your smartphone. Save time by not having to run to your
Reactor 2 system to make changes and view details.

Be more efficient
• Set pump to spray, park or jog
• Turn the machine on/off
• Turn the pumps on/off
• Adjust temperatures and pressure
• View material drum levels
• View Reactor 2 events
• Reset cycle count
• Calculate yield*

Start Using App For Free
Download app from the online store. (Search for Graco Reactor).
Register your Reactor 2 system.
Compatible with iPhone and Android products.

Reactor 2 systems manufactured before 2018 require
a cellular module. Reactor 2 systems manufactured
in 2018 or later have cellular module included.