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LIMITED EDITION Reactor 2 E-30 Elite 10kw Heaters

Price: $32,030.00

Part number: CS2110


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272110- Machine only

AP2110- Includes Fusion Air Purge gun, 50' Xtreme wrap heated hose, 10' Extreme wrap heated whip hose

CS2110- Includes Fusion Clearshot gun, 50' Xtreme wrap heated hose, 10' Extreme wrap heated whip hose

P22110- Includes Probler P2 gun, 50' Xtreme wrap heated hose, 10' Extreme wrap heated whip hose


Max fluid working pressure: 2000psi

Heater size: 10kw

Max hose length: 310ft

Max fluid temp: 190°F

Max output: 30lb/min

Amps: 230V 1-ph -- 78A, 230V 3-ph -- 50A, 400V 3ph -- 34A

Weight: 355lb



1. Advanced control technology

  • Tracks, monitors and saves project data
  • Data can be downloaded onto a USB drive for further analysis
  • Easy to view data display
  • Stores up to 24 chemical recipes
  • Drum level indicators

2. Graco Reactor 2 App

  • The Reactor 2 app lets you make real time adjustments from your smartphone. Save time by not having to run to your Reactor 2 system to make changes and view details.

Be more efficient

• Set pump to spray, park or jog

• Turn the machine on/off

• Turn the pumps on/off

• Adjust temperatures and pressure

• View material drum levels

• View Reactor 2 events

• Reset cycle count

• Calculate yield*

Start Using App For Free Download app from the online store. (Search for Graco Reactor). Register your Reactor 2 system. Compatible with iPhone and Android products

    3. Troubleshooting made easy

    • On-screen troubleshooting with QR code shortcuts to web-based advanced troubleshooting info
    • Results in less downtime


    • Ratio Assurance Flow Meters

    Graco’s Ratio Assurance System provides industry leading solutions:

    • Assurance that foam was sprayed correctly

    • Peace of mind to homeowners and builders

    • Eliminate costly repairs and call-backs

    • Quick detection of equipment issues and off-ratio foam

    • Confidence for sprayers new to the industry

    • Risk mitigation of misapplied foam

    4. Compact design

    • 40% smaller footprint than a traditional Reactor E-30

    5. Ergonomics

    • Easy to reach, conveniently-placed electronics

    6. Troubleshooting Y-strainer

    • Analog temperature and pressure gauges

    7. Sacrificial surge protector

    • Protects your electronics against excessive power spikes
    • Extra sacrificial surge protector included with Reactor 2 to get you back up and running immediately

    8. Advanced circuit boards

    • Handles power fluctuations
    • Minimizes pressure fluctuations on pump changeover
    • Result is a smooth, consistent spray performance similar to hydraulic systems

    9. Brushless electric motor

    • Improved control and performance
    • No maintenance
    • Longer life

    10. Three-year warranty

    • Covers user display module, control boards and electric motor
    • One of the best in the industry