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16" Foam Planer w/ Carbide Blades - Air Motor - Spray Foam Planer

Price: $1,970.75

Part number: JCI16Planner Carbide


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The ideal tool to flush finish any spray-applied polyurethane foam. Simple, lightweight and reliable.

A basic, durable instrument to complement existing urethane spray equipment for all work or trades requiring flat, smooth finished surfaces.
Can be used on open cell, closed cell, 1â„2 pound, and 2 to 10+ pound foam.

REQUIREMENTS: The air motor operates most efficiently when air pressure is maintained at 125 psi. An air compressor able to deliver 23.0 cfm is necessary. Incoming air should be DRY, clean, and filtered. 3â„4" line from compressor. Last 20 use 1â„2" airline. Lubricate this tool at least once every 8 hours by pouring a small quantity of air motor oil through the air inlet.