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II-205 Handi Foam

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FOMO II-205 quick cure foam is a portable, disposable, ready to use foam dispensing system consisting of 2 chemical components. Spray foam onto any clean, dry surface in any direction to insulate, fill and seal various size voids, deaden sound or reduce vibration.

ColorWise nozzles provide a visual indication when chemical is too cold for spraying quality foam. --the mixing chamber of the ColorWise nozzle will change from clear to blue when cold chemical is sprayed through it. Stop spraying and ensure proper chemical temperature to avoid off-ratio foam.

"When the nozzle turns blue stop your crew."

Kits include:

10 hose & gun, 3 fan nozzles, 5 cone nozzles, operation/safety instructions, MSDS sheets and petroleum jelly

- Two-component spray foam kits will expand immediately upon chemical reaction of "A" Iso and "B" Polyol to a volume 3-5 times the dispensed volume in typical applications.

-Fully expands and dries tack-free within 30-60 seconds

-Cuttable in 2-5 minutes

-Fully cured within 1 hour

-Handi Foam quick cure will adhere to almost all building materials with the exception of polyethylene, teflon, polypropylene, silicone, oils, greases, and mold releases.

-Ideal application temperature is 80°F

-Kits should be stored and applied at 75°F-85°F

-Substrate temperatures should be 40°F-100°F