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Graco Gap Pro GUN - GAP PRO RND 00

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Part number: 295557


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  1. Easy to clean A and B filters reduce downtime
  2. Low maintenance fasteners are easy to remove with a standard nut-driver
  3. Direct hose connection reduces weight

Materials Sprayed- Foam & Coatings
Max Output- 40lb/min (18 kg/min)
Min Output- 3lb/min (1.4  kg/min)
Max Fluid Working Pressure- 3000psi
   (207bar, 20.7Mpa)
Max Fluid Temperature- 200 ºF (93 ºC)
Weight (with manifold)- 2.7lb (1.2kg)
    Residential foam insulation,
    roofing, concrete,
    waterproofing and other
     polyurethane foams and
    elastomeric coatings