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We’ve added a convenient tool to our new site to help you easily build and customize your own rig, and get a quote. The “build your rig” feature has many options, from rig type and trailer size to your equipment, PPE, and spare parts. There are a few questions you should ask yourself before getting started with your build, like what are the sizes of the jobs you plan to do, and is this going to be a full-time job/business?

Are you someone that plans to spray foam part-time, maybe as an addition to a general contracting business, or to insulate your own projects and other small jobs? Then Graco’s E-20 Reactor is right up your alley. The E-20 is a versatile high-pressure machine that is the most affordable Reactor capable of spraying a full-size house with ease. If full-time is what you are planning for, the next step up would be the E-30, and then the H-30. Each of these machines will have a larger material delta-T, and output for greater production and profitability. For spray foam roofs, an H-40 or H-50 is what you’ll need for maximum production.

Once you’ve decided on a machine, many of the other options will begin to fall in place. With an E-20, you can go with shore power and/or an 18kW generator, out of a Car Mate trailer 16 ft. and up. With the selection of an E-30 or H-30, you will need to go with a 30kW or 40kW generator, with a minimum of a 20-ft. Car Mate trailer. Once you get up to an H-40 or H-50, the trailer size all depends on the amount of material you want to carry in the rig to the jobsite.

Hose length is limited by the size of the machine chosen. The E-20 will support up to 210 ft., the E-30 and H-30 up to 310 ft., and the H-40 and H-50 will support the maximum of up to 410 ft. If you plan to do high-rise buildings and hose length becomes an issue, you may need to consider our one-of-a-kind portable elevator rig.

Recommended transfer pumps for the E-20 are the Graco T1 or IPM 810203, and for the E-30 and larger, either the Graco T2 or IPM 820301. Spray guns are listed with the most versatile and popular at the top. For specs and pricing on any option while building your rig, you may use our online store resource.

Trailer and additional equipment options are also available at the bottom of the page. As always, if you have any questions at all, or would like us to walk you through building your rig, feel free to contact us by phone or email. Ready to start building your rig? Get started with a free estimate now.

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